the genre of written prophetic speech

not quite prose, not quite poetry

an ancient form of art


and thus says the LORD, or thus says the prophet

God speaks, but through human words

the LORD God of Hosts

commander of the Angel Armies

possesses the mind of a madman in the wilderness

surely none shall take him seriously

he will find nothing but sorrow

for his words will fall on deaf ears


the WORD of glory

the NAME of righteousness

breathes through a woman on the street

wrestling and resting in the tension of Divine wrath and mercy

speaking out against the sin of all nations

upholding God’s will of just peace

she will find a sympathetic ear

in the outcast, the oppressed, the down trodden

but the oppressor will remain deaf to her cries


the self-righteous make sacrifices in the name of God

to ease their conscience and appease the demands of tradition

God sacrifices in the name of the unrighteous

for God’s own glory and God’s own self

to faithfully uphold Divine covenant

when all other parties fail


God gives birth to something new

through trials and through pain

nothing good comes without discomfort

nothing true comes without suffering

but this does not acquit the guilty

it does not excuse the abuser

the Refiner’s fire comes

the Kiln of justice is ready

the seeds of Life are planted

the process of Salvation has begun

glory to God in the highest


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