sound the trumpets

a mighty blast rings from from heaven

earth bursts forth

creation joins in song


it is pronounced good

old creation, new creation

season to season it is all good

lament the passing of the old good

rejoice in the coming of what is better


eat and drink what is good

for nourishment is the greatest good

abstain from what is good

for nourishment is not equally distributed


enter holy places, make holy places, find holy time

but know that change will come

know that it will be laborious

know that God’s will is joyful repentance

turning toward the ultimate good

seeking the image of Christ

embracing the new good as it comes

surrendering the old good to the past


but what of evil, does evil not exist

certainly the old good must be remembered

old good that has conquered old evil must be honored

but focus on old good blinds to new evil

Christ, the ever-renewed ever-resurrected perfect good

the focus, the revelation, the way, the truth, and the life

has already conquered every new evil


all remembrance, all honor, all glory belong to Christ

all that is good comes from Christ

may good never be corrupted

may it be ever be remembered and honored

may faith in it never falter

in the name of Jesus Christ



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