life reflection

For the past year, since graduating from seminary, I have been searching for motivation, for a sense of purpose. My sense of passion and drive is somewhat dull right now. I know that I want to pursue the betterment of self and the common good of all. I know that Christian discipleship is the means through which I want to pursue these things. But these are vague statements and are not concrete goals. I know that I need a spark, an achievable goal to set myself in motion, but here I am, procrastinating on that achievable goal I have set for myself. This goal is to complete the essays required for a Clinical Pastoral Education application. Gotta get back to work, but I thought I would post this as a way of holding myself accountable.


strung together theological terms


a good Anabaptist word

yielded to the will of God

expressed through communal experience


for all that is good and all that is bad with such an understanding

there is great wisdom here

a single solitary human being is weak

there is safety in numbers

God’s will is most meaningful in koinonia

consecrated work is most effective in ekklesia

euangelion is essentially political


complicated Greek terms aside

yieldedness, community, assembly, gospel

are essential concepts for those who look to Jesus Christ

essential not because they must be understood and accepted

but because they must be grappled with


the concept of self breaks down in the presence of God

God’s holiness and wholeness challenges the unholy fragmented self

surrender is the only possible response, but surrender is not really possible

and so the paradox of humanity in contact with the Divine emerges

perhaps this ice berg is a little too large

but this is theology after all


human beings gather together as social creatures

the company of others is more than survival strategy

community generates meaning amongst its members

meaning that transcends self

self must be surrendered to make community possible

but self must also be affirmed

for community is impossible without individuals


assembly is community with a purpose

church is more than a social club

it has a purpose in this world

to embody the ministry of Jesus Christ

in the world and for the world

this purpose is gospel

gospel has many facets for the community to understand and explore

may this task be undertaken with humility and faithfulness